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Hats for Israeli Soldiers

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

This winter we’re teaming up with Hats for Israeli Soldiers to send some love  in the form of simple handknit hats. And you can too!

Hats for Israeli Soldiers is spearheaded by the lovely Channah Koppel, an avid knitter and mother of an Israeli soldier. She started the organization and designed the pattern as a way to send a cozy message of love to enlisted soldiers. She now gathers hundreds and hundreds of handknit hats from all over the world, and delivers them to A Package for Home, which bundles the hats with much needed day-to-day items and delivers them to active duty Israeli soldiers, in particular the ‘Lone Soldiers’.

Hats for Israeli Soldiers

One thing many people do not know is that  the Israeli army includes young men and women from all over the world who willingly enlist to secure the safety and survival of the Jewish people. Lone Soldiers (Chayalim Bodedim) are international soldiers who do not have family in Israel, and are the ones who need the most support since they are so far from home.

The hat pattern is free, and includes instructions for knitting it flat and in the round. The pattern has been approved by the IDF, so as long as you knit to the pattern specs, you can be sure that your handiwork will get lots of love and use from an Israeli soldier.  We will be donating 100% of the proceeds from our two recommended yarn options to LIBI USA-  a fund run by a network of volunteers that directly supports Israeli soldiers. LIBI helps provide for the educational and medical needs of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, and endeavors to implement projects not covered by the Israeli Army’s regular budget.

If you are interested in joining our hat drive, the steps are simple:

1) Get the pattern FREE on Ravelry: “Ribbed Watchman Cap” by Channah Koppel
2) Get the right yarn, we have two great options here.
3) Knit your hat either flat or in the round following the patterns sizing specifications.
4) Drop your finished hat (or hats!)  off at our store by January 20th.

Or, mail in your hat donations to our store:
Knit Culture Studio
8118 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

If you don’t know how to knit a hat, that’s OK! We’re teaching a hat class based on the pattern so you can learn to knit a hat while working on a hat to contribute to our hat drive!

Happy knitting!
Emma G.

West 3rd Street Holiday Party

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Our neighbors on West 3rd Street are throwing one great big party tomorrow night! Come down to West 3rd Street and find discounts, snacks and drinks and entertainment at over 75 shops and restaurants! We’ll be throwing our casual, crafty holiday party at Knit Culture Studio: serving fresh donuts, lively tunes and offering 20% off select holiday yarns!

So bring your knitting and crochet projects, and come craft with us at Kitterly HQ!

See you at the party!
Emma G.

Introducing: Kitterly

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

If you’ve been in our store lately you’ve probably noticed that something  has  taken over our backroom. Well, that entity is our new website – Kitterly has been in the works for a little over two years, but it moved in and made itself completely comfortable a couple months ago.

If it were any other ecommerce site, it probably wouldn’t demand the hours of attention and painstaking care we’ve put into it so far. But Kitterly is not just another online shop. Kitterly was designed to make shopping online for knitting and crochet projects more inspiring, intuitive and convenient. An LYS experience you can access 24 hours a day, from the comfort of your home! But in order to bring the whole LYS experience online, we had a lot of prep work to do offline.

We’re planning our projects and products very carefully. We put up a 23′ x 6′ hunk of felt and started organizing, deliberating, and hand-picking beautiful patterns that we know crafters would love to knit or crochet. This process is ongoing and every few weeks we add more. (Eep!)

Meeting on the weekends, we discussed best yarn choices for every pattern we picked as if we were going to make it ourselves. We ordered more yarn. We ordered new yarn. We’re still ordering yarn somehow. All after swatching of course, because we are knitters and we are nothing if not thorough.

If there’s one thing that makes endless swatching seem like a treat, it’s data entry. We created a million spreadsheets, and got to work. Shipping measurements, techniques used, knitting needles used, knitting needle shipping dimensions, notions used, number of pieces in that package of notions, recommended yarn, yardage amounts, yardage in each skein of yarn, color family, fiber type, bust measurements . . . any and every piece of information that would help ensure our customers get exactly what they need for their customized project had to be discussed and entered into our database.

While all of this work is going on, we’re still running our shop, giving knitting and crochet advice and overcoming the usual line-up of small business challenges. For instance, a misguided contractor brought his sledgehammer through our front wall, instead of our neighbors. Our main computer went on strike and threatened to take everything with it. We lost all the yarn product images we’d been amassing over the years(something that had been crossed off the to-do list for months!) so Elise had to re-shoot  the entire store.  All that, and the fact that Life doesn’t really care if you’re working on a nigh impossible deadline, it’s going to happen anyway.

But we’re resilient, resourceful ladies. And damnit, we’re determined to put in the work now so we can build the website we’ve been dreaming of for years.

So,  we laugh, pet the doggie, eat too much pie,  and then dig back into the work. We’re so close to launch now and cannot wait to introduce you to Kitterly.

It’s not up yet, but if you go to you can sign-up to be among the first to know when Kitterly goes live.

ETA: Oh hey! Our Facebook page is up :D   Like Kitterly on Facebook!

Stay tuned !
Emma G.


Share Your Stash! – Yarn Drive for Down Town Women’s Center

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Crafters of Los Angeles: starting Saturday your yarn stash can help empower the women in your community! We’re teaming up with our neighbors on West 3rd Street to bring in much needed donations for the Downtown Women’s Center. When you bring in your yarn stash – as long as it’s in a sealed bag!  – we’ll give you 15% off select yarns.

So, how does yarn help LA’s homeless women? The Downtown Women’s Center has an amazing, crafty branch called MADE by DWC. Through vocational opportunities women recovering from homelessness and extreme poverty discover talents, and develop marketable skills. The learn to make a variety of products (including hand-knitted ornaments), which are then sold to raise money for the entire organization.

Right now, the women at the center use yarn from reclaimed sweaters to make their ornaments. That means carefully ripping the sweaters to keep the yarn intact, and then further washing and processing to get the kinks out. That’s a lot of time and care that could be spent knitting and crocheting!

We all know that crafting offers a special kind of healing, and your donation helps foster recovery, creativity and empowerment among women in need. So, we are asking you to take a look through your stash to find yarns, knitting needles and crochet hooks that you don’t need anymore.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Go through your stash and find any yarn, knitting needles or crochet hooks you don’t want anymore. The yarn should be neat and tangle free. Wool, cotton, acrylic, silk, alpaca – all fibers and all yarn weights are welcome!

Step 2: VERY IMPORTANT! Put all your donated yarns, knitting needles and crochet hooks in a sealed ziplock bag. This step is crucial for moth prevention. We cannot accept any donations that are not in a sealed ziplock bag, unbagged yarn endangers the rest of the donations and the yarn in our store. Stash yarn that is not in a sealed bag will be asked to leave the premises:)  Better safe than sorry!

Step 3: Bring in your donation and enjoy 15% off select yarns starting November 1st and ending November 30th.

The Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) is the only organization in Los Angeles exclusively dedicated to addressing the immediate and long-term needs of women overcoming poverty and homelessness in downtown’s Skid Row.  The work they do for women in need in Los Angeles is incredible, and it’s no wonder that the Downtown Women’s Center has set a national standard for ending homelessness for women. Of the women housed at the DWC, 95% do not return to homelessness.

Thank you for helping us support our community!
Happy crafting!
Emma G.

Botanical Knits 2 Trunk Show

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Get ready! A very special stack of hand knit samples will be on display at our shop!  The Botanical Knits 2 trunk show is coming this Saturday to Knit Culture Studio!

Now’s your chance to see these lovely garments and accessories in person, and get help picking yarn before casting-on! We’ll have copies of the book in stocked and ready for your pre-fall project planning. ;) This trunk show is free and open to all during normal store hours.

Knit Culture Studio
8118 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles 90048

Saturday, August 2nd – Friday, August 22nd

Question? Contact Us!
(323) 655-6487

Let the magic begin!

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Watch in amazement  as your favorite yarns fly off the shelves!
Our Magic Yarn Sale is going on now!
Shop in-store and save up to 50% off yarn for knitting and crochet!

AND, one lucky customer will be chosen to receive  . . .

Sale Hours:
Saturday, July 19th: 11 am – 6pm
Sunday, July 20th: 12 – 4pm
Monday, July 21st: closed
Tuesday, July 22nd: 11 am – 5:30 pm
Wednesday, July 23rd: 11am – 5:30 pm
Thursday, July 24th: 11am – 8 pm
Friday, July 25th: 11am – 5:30 pm

Out of the area? You can shop our sale online and score up to 35% off, PLUS free shipping on orders over $65!
Click here to shop the sale online!

See you at the sale!
Emma G.

Prepare to be amazed . . .

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Top Hat of Yarn

It’s that magical time of year! Get ready for a sale so stupendous it will knock your toe-up socks off!

Plus, come in during the week of our sale, and be entered to win
the titillating,
thaumaturgic . . .


Inside our charming chapeau you’ll find not one, not two, but THREE complete knitting projects!

Zig-Zag Baby Blanket – six skeins of soft  Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Worsted Cotton, pattern postcard and US size 8 knitting needles.

Ziggy Cowl – two skeins of  plush Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande, pattern postcard and US size 13 knitting needles.

Adele Scarf - skein of sparkly S. Charles Adele, pattern postcard and US size 10.5 knitting needles.

No purchase is necessary to win this miraculous millinery! All you have to do is come in during our sale and fill out a raffle ticket! We will notify the winner the first week of August.

Speaking of sale: starting Saturday, July 19th, we’re taking 35 – 50% off yarns in store, and up to 35% off select yarns online!  Keep an eye on our blog, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the details.

See you at the sale!
-Emma G.

West 3rd Street Summer Sidewalk Sale!

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

If you’re planning to visit our shop this weekend, you’re in for a treat!  It’s the Summer Sidewalk Sale event!

We’re adding tons of new markdowns on yarns, knitting patterns and books, and our West 3rd Street neighbors are having big sales too!

Come to Knit Culture Studio this weekend and save 35 -50% off select merchandise, then wander the street, peruse the sale racks, and relax with lunch or dinner (depending on your shopping stamina!) at one of the local restaurants.

You can find all the  sales listed on the West 3rd Street blog, “The Third Eye”. So look it over, plan your route and come see us this weekend!

Happy knitting!
Emma G.


Meet our teachers!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

We’ve been hard at work adding more knitting and crochet classes to our calendar and we are really excited to tell you about them. But first, allow me to  properly introduce our teaching team!

Meet Montica!
Montica Pes (pictured top) just started working with us, and will be teaching all of our knitting classes. Montica hales  from Phenix City, Alabama, and moved to LA in 2007. It’s hard to imagine this bubbly, radiant lady yelling at undergraduates, but when she’s not playing with yarn Montica teaches college students acting, directing, and film production. Deciding the only way to get the knits she wanted was to make them herself, she taught herself how to knit . Montica is totally captivated by the tactile quality of crafting (which explains her current Lobster Pot* obsession) and can’t wait to share her knowledge and inspiration with fellow knitters!
Click here to see Montica’s Classes!

Julie Kadoi

Meet Julie!
Julie Kadoi is our brilliant crochet teacher who has been teaching and designing with us for almost a year now. Before moving to Los Angeles, she spent most of her adult life in New York City. Julie learned crochet basics from her mom, but really got her start when her 90-year-old neighbor asked for assistance making granny squares for a church fundraiser. When she’s not teaching at our store, she’s volunteering at her daughter’s school, teaching an after-school crochet class and perfecting her Downward Dog. Julie’s favorite thing about LA? “Others and the weather!” She laughs, “I found that people here have a real openness to learn about themselves and the world around them.”
Click here to see Julie’s classes!

Fleming Garner

Meet Fleming!
Fleming Garner works in the store and  teaches our Project Pick-Up Sundays. If you’ve met her, you know she’s a real peach: cheerful, genial and incredibly creative. Fleming grew up in Blairsville, Georgia,  and learned to cast-on in college from her mom, and from there did her own research to figure the rest out. Fleming’s favorite thing about LA? “I’ve never lived so close to the beach before! I love that in just thirty short minutes I can smell the salty air and tickle my toes in the ocean.”
Click here to see Fleming’s classes!
Now that you’ve met the teachers, check out what’s new on our class calendar!

Project Pick-Up Sundays
We’ve all been there: you’ve been knitting or crocheting for days and suddenly realize that you’re completely off course. We’re now offering a drop-in class for helping knitters and crocheters with their specific knitting or crochet project. You can sign-up ahead of time, or call on Sunday and if there’s room you’re welcome to walk-in. As an added bonus drop-in students get to “taste” the yarn of the week!

MORE Project Classes!
If you click over to our class page you’ll notice that we’ve added a TON of new classes classes in both crochet and knitting. To make it easier for everybody to add a class or two into their busy summer schedule, we will be giving class dates much further in advance. Keep checking our class page for updates!

If you have any questions about our class offerings, give us a call during store hours or send us an email!

Happy crafting!
Emma G.

* Cashmere -  it’s a helluva drug!

Class Dates for Gilt City Shoppers

Monday, May 19th, 2014

If you recently bought a  knitting or crochet class package through Gilt City Los Angeles, here are the dates of the available classes.

Gilt City Crochet Classes:
-Sunday, June 22nd; 2 – 4pm
-Sunday, July 13th; 2 – 4pm
-Sunday, July 27th; 2 – 4pm
Gilt City Knitting Classes:
-Saturday, June 28th; 11am – 1pm
-Saturday, July 12th; 11am – 1pm
-Saturday, August 2nd; 1 – 3pm
-Saturday, August 9th; 1 – 3pm
-Saturday, September 6th; 11am – 1pm
-Saturday, September 13th; 1 – 3pm

How to redeem your class package:
1) Give us a call and have your voucher number ready.
2) Let us know which class date works best for you.
3) We’ll reserve your seat in the class, and contact you to confirm the class enrollment.
4) Come in on the day of your class to get your materials and we’ll get you started in knitting or crochet!