Daisy Dachshund Knit-a-long!

It’s no secret that we love Mel Clark’s newest book Knitting Everyday Finery. There are twenty-four patterns in a variety of sizes, that let you add a little bit of hand-made luxury to your everyday routine.  One of the patterns that caught our eye was (surprise, surprise) the “Daisy Dachshund” pattern. This knitted pencil case calls for one of our favorite worsted wools, Cascade 220 Wool Heathers, and would make a sweet gift this holiday season!

This Sunday join me at Knit Culture Studio for our “Daisy Dachshund” knit-a-long (KAL)! Bring your copy of Knitting Everyday Finery, and your materials. You can cast-on ahead of time, or at the KAL, or just sit there and heckle – it’s a very casual event. But please do RSVP either by phone or email so we can get a head count for snacks, tea and coffee.

You can also join in online by checking in at our Daisy Dachshund KAL discussion thread on There you can share photos of your Dasiy Dachshund, ask questions, or swap crazy dachshund stories.

Once you’ve finished your Daisy Dachshund pieces, you can piece them on your own, or sign-up for Mel Clark’s “Finishing Daisy Dachshund” workshop. There you’ll learn basic toy finishing techniques from the author herself, while completing your charming little pencil case.

Remember to RSVP either by phone or by emailing our store:
See you there!
-Emma G.

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Join our Daisy Dachshund KAL online!
Mel Clark’s “Finishing Daisy Dachshund” workshop!

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