Kippah Pattern

Kippah patternComing up with the perfect Kippah pattern is harder than you might imagine. Our first several attempts came out flatter than pancakes. We tried to tell ourselves that somehow, magically, they would fit onto someone’s head despite their lack of shaping. When we went to photograph it a few days ago, reality had to be faced. The pancake-kippah would not be the new style.

Leah, probably the most meticulous of us, took it upon herself to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch. Over the weekend she played around with her decreases until she got a kippah with the proper concave shape, so when we placed it on our model the fit was perfect.

So now we are happy to offer our free Kippah Pattern, great for those on the Bar Mitzvah “circuit” and in time for the Jewish High Holidays. Fast, fun and easy this pattern takes less than one skein of the Koigu KPPPM (or similar weight yarn) and then you have a wonderful family heirloom.’s Kippah Pattern

Finished measurements:
4 ½ ” diameter
If you would like a larger Kippah, you can knit with larger needles or increase your cast on in multiples of 10.

1 skein Koigu KPM or KPPPM

Size 0 dpns
Darning Needle

Gauge: 8 sts = 1 inch in st st

Loosely CO 100, join in the round without twisting.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: K8, K2tog, repeat around
Rows 6-8: Knit
Row 9: K7, K2tog, repeat around
Rows 10-12: Knit
Row 13: K6, K2tog, repeat around
Rows 14-15: Knit
Row 16: K5, K2tog, repeat around
Rows 17-18: K 2 rounds
Row 19: K4, K2tog, repeat around
Row 20: Knit
Row 21: K3, K2tog, repeat around
Row 22: K 1 round
Row 23: K2, K2tog, repeat around
Row 24: K1, K2tog, repeat around
Row 25: K2tog, repeat around
Row 26: K2tog, repeat around (5 sts remain)
Break yarn and put onto tapestry needle, cinch final stitches closed.

Download the PDF version here.

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17 Responses to “Kippah Pattern”

  1. anita goldman says:

    Could you please send me a plain version of the kippuh but with united kingdom sizes for needles etc., Thank you. I can’t find any u.k. patterns

  2. emma says:

    Hi there!
    Just sent you an email. :)

  3. Chana says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely pattern!

    My first grandchild has just been born and I’d like to knit a kippah for his bris. I’m also in the UK and would appreciate a British version of the pattern with UK needle sizes, yarn weight etc.

    Thank you!

  4. emma says:

    Hi Chana!

    Since the designer who came up with the pattern no longer works here, I’ll do my best to help.
    Usually our patterns specify which needle sizing we use, so that knitters from all over the world can refer to their needle conversion charts. (I usually Google “knitting needle conversion” when I need to find UK or metric sizes.)

    After looking at the yarn weight conversion chart on Wikipedia, I’m guessing you could substitute any 2-ply yarn for the Koigu KPM.

    As far as I can tell, the pattern was knit on US size 0, which would be a UK size 14. The gauge on the pattern specifies “8 sts per 1 inch”, which would come out to 8 sts per 2.54 centimeters. However, I think it would be easier for you to find gauge by using 16 stitches per 5cm as your guide. (5cm = 1.968 inches). Then you’re ready to go!

    -Emma G.

  5. Tina D. says:

    Hi Chana;

    Your pattern calls for a size 0 dpns. I don’t know what this stands for. Can I use round needles and what size? thank you.

  6. emma says:

    Hi Tina!
    Size 0 dpns stands for US size 0 double pointed knitting needles. We used round double pointed needles for this pattern.
    -Emma G.

  7. BEV. says:

    could i PLEASE just have pattern for plain one coloe kippah?
    thanks in advance,

  8. emma says:

    Hi Bev!
    This pattern actually uses just one yarn, however we did use a slightly variegated yarn. That’s why it looks like more than one yarn is used. You can simply substitute for a solid color of the same weight. :)

  9. Meredith says:

    I tried making this pattern several times. While the pattern was easy to follow, the problem I had was the edges curling up. I tried blocking it several times. Did anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I could be doing wrong?

  10. Knit Culture says:

    Hi Meredith!
    Hmm, this is a new one. In this case, it sounds like maybe the tightness of the stockinette is kicking up the garter stitch band. We suggest knitting Rows 1-3 on the US size 0 dpns, and then changing to US size 1 dpns for the rest of the pattern. It’s hard to know what’s going on without having the project here in person, but it sounds like loosening the tension on the stockinette will help make the band lay down.
    Hope this helps!
    -Emma G.

  11. Willa says:

    I am looking for a kippah pattern that will enable me to use a bulkier yarn and larger needles than the ones I’ve found thus far. Am also wondering if the one on your web site can be adapted to other than the finest yarn and smallest of needles. Will appreciate this info so much…I’ve been looking for a long time and would like to start the project already!

  12. Knit Culture says:

    Hello Willa!
    You could certainly try out our pattern with bulkier yarn and larger needles, but you’ll have to alter the shaping. Most of the patterns I’ve looked at for kippahs use fingering, sport or DK weight yarn. The few kippah patterns that call for worsted or bulky yarn are crocheted.
    I found another kippah pattern that may be better suited to your yarn preferences:
    Basic Knit Kippah

    Hope this helps!
    -Emma G.

  13. Marjorie M says:

    I just made this and I have the edge-curl-up problem that Meredith had. Meredith, did you find a fix for this problem? Did using size 0 for the garter stitch edge and then size 1 needles for the stockinette part do the trick?

  14. [...] asked me to knit him a kippah. I did, using Koigu Premium Merino in the 00 colourway and this pattern. The pattern called for size 0 needles! The smallest I’ve used were size 1, and those were [...]

  15. Roberta says:

    I tried this pattern with the recommended yarn and a size 1 16″ round circular needle. It became too difficult to maintain stitches as it decreased. I switched to a shorter 9″ round circular needle in a size 1 needle. It still was too tight to knit as the stitching was decreased. I am unable to handle double point needles. Ay suggestions to completing the kippah pattern with better ease?

  16. Knit Culture says:

    Hi Roberta!
    This pattern will be pretty difficult without using double pointed needles. That being said, I’m pretty sure you could use two circular needles instead. I have not tried it myself, but there are a few gals here at who prefer two circular needles to double points.
    Here’s a YouTube video I found that shows you how to use two circulars:

    Hope this helps!
    Emma G.

  17. Rebecca says:

    Chag Sameach! Thank you for sharing this pattern for free.

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