Knitting Right and Left Twists

Right and left twists – not to be confused with twisted stitches – create diagonal lines of stitches by simultaneously working a decrease and an increase in the same set of stitches. The anatomy of this motif itself is straightforward, making it easy to add a visual interest into a plain panel of stockinette without worrying about stitch count, or having to reorient yourself every time you pick up your knitting.

Right and left twists are worked every other row. If you’re knitting flat, that means you’ll knit your twists on the right side and purl the twists on the wrong side. If you’re knitting in the round, like you would be for “Chutes, and also Ladders”,  twists are worked on every other round.

Right Twist:
On the right side, K2tog but leave both stitches on the left needle.

Knit into the first stitch again.

Slide both stitches off the left hand needle. Right twist complete.

To keep your twist traveling to the right, move your k2tog to the right one stitch on every right side row.

Left Twist :
Working on the right side, knit through the back loop (ktbl) of the second stitch, leaving stitch on the left needle.

K2tog through the back loops (tbl).

Slide both stitches off the left needle. Left twist complete.

To keep your twist traveling to the left, start the next twist one stitch to the left of your previous left twist.

*          *           *           *            *            *

Why right and left twists? Our latest Studio Club design, “Chutes, and also Ladders” uses right and left twists (among other things) to build the main motif – so cool!

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Happy knitting!
-Emma G.

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