Meet our teachers!

We’ve been hard at work adding more knitting and crochet classes to our calendar and we are really excited to tell you about them. But first, allow me to  properly introduce our teaching team!

Meet Montica!
Montica Pes (pictured top) just started working with us, and will be teaching all of our knitting classes. Montica hales  from Phenix City, Alabama, and moved to LA in 2007. It’s hard to imagine this bubbly, radiant lady yelling at undergraduates, but when she’s not playing with yarn Montica teaches college students acting, directing, and film production. Deciding the only way to get the knits she wanted was to make them herself, she taught herself how to knit . Montica is totally captivated by the tactile quality of crafting (which explains her current Lobster Pot* obsession) and can’t wait to share her knowledge and inspiration with fellow knitters!
Click here to see Montica’s Classes!

Julie Kadoi

Meet Julie!
Julie Kadoi is our brilliant crochet teacher who has been teaching and designing with us for almost a year now. Before moving to Los Angeles, she spent most of her adult life in New York City. Julie learned crochet basics from her mom, but really got her start when her 90-year-old neighbor asked for assistance making granny squares for a church fundraiser. When she’s not teaching at our store, she’s volunteering at her daughter’s school, teaching an after-school crochet class and perfecting her Downward Dog. Julie’s favorite thing about LA? “Others and the weather!” She laughs, “I found that people here have a real openness to learn about themselves and the world around them.”
Click here to see Julie’s classes!

Fleming Garner

Meet Fleming!
Fleming Garner works in the store and  teaches our Project Pick-Up Sundays. If you’ve met her, you know she’s a real peach: cheerful, genial and incredibly creative. Fleming grew up in Blairsville, Georgia,  and learned to cast-on in college from her mom, and from there did her own research to figure the rest out. Fleming’s favorite thing about LA? “I’ve never lived so close to the beach before! I love that in just thirty short minutes I can smell the salty air and tickle my toes in the ocean.”
Click here to see Fleming’s classes!
Now that you’ve met the teachers, check out what’s new on our class calendar!

Project Pick-Up Sundays
We’ve all been there: you’ve been knitting or crocheting for days and suddenly realize that you’re completely off course. We’re now offering a drop-in class for helping knitters and crocheters with their specific knitting or crochet project. You can sign-up ahead of time, or call on Sunday and if there’s room you’re welcome to walk-in. As an added bonus drop-in students get to “taste” the yarn of the week!

MORE Project Classes!
If you click over to our class page you’ll notice that we’ve added a TON of new classes classes in both crochet and knitting. To make it easier for everybody to add a class or two into their busy summer schedule, we will be giving class dates much further in advance. Keep checking our class page for updates!

If you have any questions about our class offerings, give us a call during store hours or send us an email!

Happy crafting!
Emma G.

* Cashmere -  it’s a helluva drug!

2 Responses to “Meet our teachers!”

  1. Margo says:

    Hey! I love that herringbone shawl at the top- is there a link to the pattern?

  2. Knit Culture says:

    Hello Margo!

    Yes! It’s the “Herringbone Poncho” from Joelle Hoverson’s Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.
    Here’s the link:
    Hope this helps!
    Emma G.

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