Silkwing Scarf

Silkwing Scarf

Months ago I was handed a skein of Knit Collage Maharani Silk  for swatching and testing out* before our shipment arrived from Knit Collage.  Testing lace motifs quickly snowballed into the “Silkwing Scarf” – a one-skein wonder!  Knitting lace is probably my favorite, but so many lace projects are quite the commitment. This slinky lace scarf knits up so quickly, you won’t  feel guilty about casting-on something new with other projects in progress.  Better yet, the pattern is free!

The “Silkwing Scarf” features a fun, eight-row lace motif that is fairly easy to memorize and truly stunning in in sparkly Knit Collage Maharani Silk.

Silkwing Scarf

The finished scarf (once blocked) makes a lovely accent for special occasions. (What are you wearing on New Year’s Eve?)But it’s also summery and would look marvelous blowing in the wind on the beach, or in a top-down convertible. You could also turn these into BFF scarves by knitting them in different colors and then adding contrasting tassels. (Sample shown in ‘Keylime Pie’.)

Now, let me tell you a little about the yarn, since it is brand-spankin’ new.  Knit Collage Maharani Silk is a  six-ply worsted weight yarn with a whopping 185 yards per skein. When you look closely at the yarn, you’ll notice  a multicolored effect that comes from different colored silk plies spun together with a winking sparkly thread.   The colorways below are (clockwise from top)  ‘Witching Hour’, ‘Champagne’, ‘Navy Pop’, ‘Key Lime’ and ‘Firework’.

Knit Collage Maharani

I found it easy to read my knitting when working with Maharani Silk because the yarn has a  nice, crisp twist. Pre-blocking Maharani Silk is lustrous and cool-to-the-touch,after blocking it turns into butter. Soft, supple BUTTER!

Silkwing Scarf

If you’re looking for a quick, classy hand-knit gift, this little scarf is just the thing. But hey, if you have any other ideas for last-minute knits, share them with us!

Happy knitting!
Emma G.

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*Swatching = the greater good.

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  1. Pat Mooney says:

    Beautiful, Emma!

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