The Cozy Cast Away Wrap

Cozy Cast Away Wrap

Some projects have a way of reaching out, and grabbing you by the right-brain. That’s the feeling we get when we wrap up in Cheryl Kubat’s “Cozy Cast Away Wrap”(shown here in the color ‘Nomad’).  The pattern itself uses a classic lace motif that takes on a cosmic quality when knit in Knit Collage Cast Away. To celebrate the newest addition to our Knit Collage collection, we reached out to Knit Collage for a special pattern release.  For a limited time, when you order three skeins of Knit Collage Cast Away, you’ll get the”Cozy Cast Away Wrap” pattern for free! 

We were bowled over by Knit Collage Cast Away, it is such a cool yarn to knit with, but the first you’ll notice is the color:

Knit Collage Cast Away

The colors blend in such a unique way, like the rings of Saturn, or the swirling atmosphere on Jupiter or Neptune. To achieve those layers of color and the thick-thin texture, Cast Away is hand-carded and hand-spun, layering neutral wool with pops of bright color.  But, this yarn is not just for gazing at, it’s really soft too. Cast Away creates a soft, cozy fabric with effortless texture on US size 11 to 15 knitting needles.  (Colors shown above from left to right: ‘Charcoal Blossom’, ‘Sunrise Collage’, ‘Walnut’ and ‘Nomad’.)Knit Collage yarns

By using a  lacey rib designer Cheryl Kubat works with the thick-thin strand to make a pebbly, organic shawl. A shawl to warm your inner  traveler, rebel, visionary, and artist.  If you love Knit Collage yarns, you’ll definitely want to check out  Cheryl Kubat’s Ravlery page. She  has an obvious talent for taking big, bold yarns and creating patterns that balance scale and texture for artful knits.

For a limited time, you will get Cheryl Kubat’s “Cozy Cast Away Wrap” pattern card for FREE with your purchase of three skeins of Knit Collage Cast Away. Simply order online and the pattern will automatically be added to your package. In just a few knitting sessions you’ll have your own wrap for wandering.

Happy knitting!
Emma G.

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PS – Shawl modeled by our talented photographer/graphic designer Elise Spacek.

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