The Mobius Scarf

Mobius ScarfLiz made this lovely, versatile mobius scarf in anticipation of our massive Baby Alpaca Grande shipment… this pattern is perfect for the yarn!  The Mobius Scarf can be worn looped around the neck a couple of times or as one long circular scarf with a natural twist created by the unusual cast on. It’s great for both men and women and almost impossible to lose!

***Please note: There was an error in the pattern which is now corrected. We were contacted by a customer who ran out of yarn before the pattern was complete, and her scarf was much wider than the pictured scarf. The corrected pattern below will give you the size pictured here, we apologize for the confusion!***

The scarf pictured takes only two skeins of Baby Alpaca Grande, but is just as beautiful in any number of our worsted or chunky weight yarns. If you’d like some guidance with the pattern we will be offering a class on the Mobius Cowl in December, as well as many more simple projects for holiday gift knitting… stay tuned!

We have always been fascinated by the mobius style and technique. Once you’ve watched Cat Bordhi’s very informative “Intro to Mobius Knitting” tutorial on YouTube you will be on your way to knitting a great scarf that can be wrapped double around your neck for cold weather or worn long and drapey! It’s a fun and fast project and makes a great gift.

If you want a longer scarf, just cast on more stitches. You can also make your mobius wider –just add an extra skein! This scarf is equally beautiful knit in just garter stitch.

60″ long circumference x 7″ wide

2 skeins Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande (100% baby alpaca)
US 10 or 101/2 /40″ or 47” circular needles
1 Stitch Marker

3 stitches per inch

Using Cat Bordhi’s mobius cast on technique, cast on 152 sts. Place marker and join careful not to twist the stitches. See Cat Bordhi’s tutorial for directions.
Knit the 1st st tight to avoid a gap at the join. Knit the first round as directed by Cat.

Important: Round begins when you get to the stitch marker.

Knit for 3 rounds.
Purl 4 rounds
Knit 4 rounds
Purl 4 rounds
Knit 3 rounds

Cast off knitwise. Weave in ends.

Download the Mobius Scarf pattern PDF!

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