Ziggy Cowl and Scarf

Call it conniving, but our newest colors in Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande were chosen with the express purpose of luring Ruby Submarine away from her design work for a week or so. And it worked! We are pleased to present the Ziggy Cowl and Scarf, designed by Ruby Submarine, a.k.a Leah Cocarri-Swift, our one-woman graphics department.

By day, Leah’s a mild-mannered photographer working for with an eye for composition and color. By night she’s Ruby Submarine, the eye of a fiber design storm, with an exciting new pattern collection expected to make landfall early 2013.

Recently, Ruby Submarine released the “Anchored Wrap” through Kollabora. The steely grey yarn she used reminds me of stormy ocean skies – beautiful!

The Ziggy Cowl and Scarf (modeled by Angelica) are great projects for last-minute gifts. Each version uses just two skeins of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande to create a lush, chill-stopping gift. Impress your friends with a zippy, zig-zag motif in their favorite colors!

For the Ziggy Cowl and Scarf pictured, Leah paired bold hues with neutrals for a balanced, yet modern look. The Ziggy Cowl (above) was done in Dazzle Blue and Linen, while the Ziggy Scarf (left) was knit in Coral and Light Grey.

What I love about this pattern is that you can easily achieve a completely different look by experimenting  with the colors. I’m torn between knitting another high-contrsat version in  Plymouth Baby Grande Alpaca ‘Aqua’ and ‘Fuschia’, or an earthy, subdued cowl in their ‘Grape’ and ‘Shitake’ colorways? What colors would you combine?

And with fall approaching, this pattern is perfect for adding pops of the 2012 Pantone color-commandments to your wardrobe WHILE getting your knitting fix – win-win!

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Happy knitting!

-Emma G.

Useful Links:
The Ziggy Cowl and Scarf pattern PDF! ETA: Pattern updated on 11/27/2013
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3 Responses to “Ziggy Cowl and Scarf”

  1. Valerie says:

    Hello! I am absolutely in love with this pattern, but I’m having a bit of trouble with the scarf. I’ve noticed that when knitting the small zig zag motif the end of my row leaves a bit of a hole that does not match up with the beginning of the row. I think it has something to do with the placement of the second set of kfb. Out of curiosity, why is the end of the pattern not the same as the beginning (k5, kfb)? Would doing that fix the problem? Thanks!

  2. Knit Culture says:

    Hi Valerie!

    I contacted the designer (Leah) and she said that the kfbs aren’t in the same place because each new stitch made from a kfb (which is the “b” part) needs to be one stitch in from the edge to make it symmetrical. So the first kfb counts as the one stitch plus the new stitch, and the last kfb needs another knit stitch after it so that the “b” isn’t the last stitch of the row. Does that make sense?? I hope it does. With regards to the hole you’re seeing, it might be that you are pulling the slack along the row and ending up with a loose final stitch. Maybe you could could go down a needle size?

    Hope this helps!
    -Emma G. (and designer Leah Coccari-Swift)

  3. Janice S says:

    The pattern looks great, It looks good with the two colors I chose. I just have one suggestion, and it is to include the key for the stitch “s2kp”.
    Thanks for an easy, pretty pattern.

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